October 9, 2019 APEX, Oracle 6 Comments

Oracle JET Charts is a beautiful chart library which has out-of-box support in Oracle APEX version 5 on-wards. Purpose of this blog is to introduce with a small tweak in Series Bar Chart.


When you use Series Bar Chart and if you have some series with NULL or ZERO value, the bar will not appear at all. This is correct behavior from the Charting way, but visually – you may find it difficult to detect the bar against a series.

Below is a sample bar chart with ZERO values where you can see gaps between.

Below is same bar chart but fixed the gap with very small bar where the value is ZERO.


  • Inside your series bar chart, you will find Axes, and select “Y”
  • Change following options:
    • Format = “Decimal”
    • Decimal Places = 0
    • Step = 1
Hope this helps!

Jaydip Bosamiya

Written by Jaydip Bosamiya