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Here is how you can create cool nested reports in Oracle APEX and jQuery, which looks like below:

For this example, I have used DEPT & EMP example where as a nested report it will show all the child records of employee under department record.

To start with, first create a new classic report region with query like “select * from dept“.

Add a new derived column of type = Link to that report and set following attributes:
Link: javascript: void(0);
Link Text: <i class=”fa fa-users” alt=”Employees” title=”Employees”></i>
Link Attribute: class=”viewEmp” data-deptno=”#DEPTNO#”

Add new page item to hold deptno value and call it PX_DEPTNO

Create new classic report region (this will be your nested region) and set query like “select * from emp where deptno = :PX_DEPTNO” and set following attributes:
Custom Attributes: style=”display: none”
Page Items to Submit: :PX_DEPTNO

In page settings > function and global variable declaration, define new variable gThis as below.
var gThis;

Create new dynamic action as follow:
Event: Click
Selection Type: jQuery Selector
jQuery Selector: a.viewEmp

Add true action 1 as below:
Action: Execute JavaScript Code
Fire on Initialization: No
$(‘tr.my_custom_row’).hide(500, function(){$(this).remove();});
gThis = $(this.triggeringElement);

Add true action 2 as below:
Action: Set Value
Set Type: JavaScript Expression
JavaScript Expression: $(this.triggeringElement).attr(“data-deptno”)
Fire on Initialization: No

Add true action 3 as below:
Action: Set Value
Set Type: PL/SQL Expression
PL/SQL Expression: :PX_DEPTNO
Item to Submit: PX_DEPTNO
Fire on Initialization: No

Add true action 4 as below:
Action: Refresh
Selection Type: Region
Region: Employee (Your second region)
Fire on Initialization: No

Create new dynamic action as below:
Event: After Refresh
Selection Type: Region
Region: Employee (Your second region)

Add true action as below:
Action: Execute JavaScript Code
Fire on Initialization: No
JavaScript Code:

var vThis = gThis;
var vTRID = $(vThis).attr(“data-deptno”);
var vColSpan = $(vThis).closest(“tr”).find(“td”).length;
var vClass = $(vThis).closest(“td”).attr(“class”);
var vTR = $(vThis).closest(“tr”);
var vReportHTML = $(‘#EMPLOYEES’).clone();
vReportHTML = $(vReportHTML).removeAttr(“id”);
vReportHTML = $(vReportHTML).css(“display”, “block”);
var vReportHTMLFinal = $(‘<div>’).append($(vReportHTML)).html();
$(vTR).after(‘<tr id=”EMPLOYEES_’+vTRID+'” class=”my_custom_row” style=”display: none;”><td class=”‘+vClass+'” colspan=”‘+vColSpan+'” style=”padding: 15px;”>’+vReportHTMLFinal+'</td></tr>’);

That’s it. ENJOY!!!

Click here to see demo in action.

Hope this helps.

Jaydip Bosamiya

Written by Jaydip Bosamiya