December 5, 2019 APEX, Oracle 12 Comments

I have been came across an interested requirement ( which is very valid ) to add scrollbars on the top of the regions! I have seen many times when you want to scroll right to see further data of first few records, you will scroll vertically to get to the horizontal scroll-bars. And then you do horizontal scroll and then vertical scroll to go top of the region. Aren’t you ??? 🙂

So, to ease the user interaction with IR – we should have a scrolling option somewhere on the top of the region ? – For Sure

So, how can we add scrollbars on top of the report for an Interactive Report ?
By default IR Fix the column headers to the page. This setting gives us an opportunity to add scroll-bars just below the column header as well.
Just by adding following CSS line you should get a beautiful scroll-bars just below you header and it works really great as well.
#MYIR .t-fht-thead{
  overflow: auto !important;
I am also trying to find a way to add same functionality for Classic Report and I will let you all know once I figure that out.
Hope this helps!
Jaydip Bosamiya
Written by Jaydip Bosamiya