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Why we need?

It is difficult for end user to enter exact location of the address, so we have developed plugin which allows end user to select or search address using autocomplete functionality of Google Map.

With the use of this plugin you can type part of address and based on that it will populate list of addresses so you can select desired address from the list. You can also click on exact location and the plugin will populate Address, Latitude and Longitude of the location.

This plugin will allow end user to drag marker and place it on the desired location within Google map to get the address fields.

You can check out demo at: https://apps.zerointegration.com/demo/f?p=apexplugins:addresspicker


  1. Download the latest release of the plugin from Github
  2. Install the plugin into your Oracle Apex application using following file: item_type_plugin_com_zerointegration_addresspicker.sql
  3. Supply your Google API Key within component settings
  4. Add an item to the page region and specify parameters under settings.

See below example settings to configure item plugin:

You will get address data in JSON format.

Following is the example JSON:
{"ADDRESS_DATA" : {"LATITUDE" : "20.9366102", "LONGITUDE" : "72.94028660000004", "ADDRESS" : "Central Bazar Mall, Opp Vidya Kunj School, Lunsikui road, Pratiksha Society, Navsari, Gujarat 396445, India"}}

Note: You can use dynamic action to set Latitude, Longitude and Address values to different item.
var obj = JSON.parse($v("P1_RAW_DATA"));

Written by Kartik Patel