April 21, 2020 APEX, JavaScript, jQuery, Oracle, SQL 2 Comments

GeoChart region plugin can be used to visualize data on a google map. You can analyze and display geographic data and present it on the Google maps.

Example: Population, Pollution, Sources etc.

There are 3 types of map visualization modes available:

  • Region: This mode fills entire regions such as countries, provinces, or states with colors corresponding to the assigned values.
  • Markers: This mode uses circles to designate regions. You can scale the circles according to a specified value.
  • Text: This mode labels the regions with identifiers.

You can check out demo at: https://apps.zerointegration.com/demo/f?p=apexplugins:geochart

  1. Download the latest release of the plugin from Github.
  2. Use “region_type_plugin_com_zerointegration_geochart.sql” file to install this plugin within your Oracle Apex application.
  3. Supply your Google API Key (Component Settings)
  4. Add a region to the page and use below SQL Query format to get data.

See below example settings to configure region plugin:

Written by Kartik Patel