December 18, 2019 APEX, Oracle 2 Comments

With lots of feedback and suggestions – which inspired me to dig further into Customized Nested Report and see how we can enhance this further.

So, purpose of this blog is to highlight you how you can further enhance Customized Nested Report. I have tried to add following new things to enhance custom nested reports capabilities. You can try and design your own nested report the way you want. These are just couple of examples that I have created for demo purpose.

  • 3 & 3+ level of nesting with Classic Report
  • Different templates of nested classic reports
    • Classic Report with Badge Template
    • Classic Report with Comments Template
Download full application and try it in your own environment. Please note that, it requires default tables EMP & DEPT with some valid data.
Working Demo

  • 2 Level Nested Report
  • 3 & 3+ Level Nested Report
  • Nested report as Badge View
  • Nested report as Comment view

Please note that, application and code is build under APEX 19.2 version and tested in Chrome browser. Feel free to drop your feedback.
Hope this helps!
Jaydip Bosamiya

Written by Jaydip Bosamiya