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APEX - PWA Screen Orientation

When building a Progressive Web Application (PWA) in Oracle Application Express (APEX), there are several orientation settings that you can configure to control how the application is displayed on a mobile device. APEX – PWA screen orientation settings determine the default orientation and supported orientations for the PWA.

You can edit PWA Screen Orientation setting using following steps:


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A blog after many years, thanks to @Jaydip Bosamiya for encouraging me to resume blogging. Recently one of our client wanted to implement Office 365 email integration within Oracle APEX application.

First we started PoC by reviewing Microsoft Graph API, we downloaded Postman Collection, found useful parameters to Sort, Filter and Select columns within Microsoft Graph API and then…

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Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/@karolina-grabowska/

VacciSafe – Internship Project

I am Dev Anuj Patel, Std. 12th student (2022-23), who got this golden opportunity of an internship project with ZeroIntegration.com. After a good amount of brainstorming, under the guidance of Mr. Sohil Bhavsar, we decided to develop the web version of VacciSafe, an android application that I had developed earlier, and which still has further scope of improvement.


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GeoChart region plugin can be used to visualize data on a google map. You can analyze and display geographic data and present it on the Google maps.

Example: Population, Pollution, Sources etc.

There are 3 types of map visualization modes available:

  • Region: This mode fills entire regions such as countries, provinces, or states with colors corresponding to…
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Why we need?

It is difficult for end user to enter exact location of the address, so we have developed plugin which allows end user to select or search address using autocomplete functionality of Google Map.

With the use of this plugin you can type part of address and based on that it will populate list of addresses so you can select desired address from…

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